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April 11, 2011, 3:01 pm
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My Little Rock ‘n Rollers : )


I believe music should play an important role in any child’s life. I consciously make the effort to expose them to different sounds, styles, and voices. Every once in a while I will be sharing my family’s musical favorites in our “listen Up” category.

This week I wanted to share with you the Smithsonian Folkways website which is a non-profit record label from the Smithsonian Institute, it’s wonderful to explore. You can read more about the history of Folkways Records HERE (very interesting).  The size of their music collections is jaw dropping. One could spend hours going through their site. A good place to start is their  Children’s section or try searching their huge database by genre, artist, or album.

My girls’ are really digging cELLAbration: A Tribute To Ella Jenkins. Ella Jenkins was known as “The First Lady of Children’s Music” and with a career spanning over 50 years and countless prestigious awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award from The Recording Academy it is an appropriate title.  This album is a compilation of  modern renditions of some of  Ella’s best work done by today’s leading folk musicians pay. We recommend “You’ll Sing a Song and I’ll Sing a Song” by Cathy Fink and “Go Miss Mary Mack” performed by Sweet Honey in The Rock.

“Sunny Day” by Elizabeth Mitchell is another favorite in our house. This album is what kid’s music should sound like. Elizabeth’s voice is smooth, soft, and sweet and she sings happy little tunes. She appropriately uses children singing along with her in a way that sounds innocent and lovely. Her cover of  “Lovely Day” is heaven and the album’s title song “Sunny Day” evokes sunshine and rainbows and all kinds of goodness. My favorite part of this album? It’s NOT annoying. Let’s face it, most music geared towards children is of the sort that makes you want to tear your hair out. “Sunny Day” is nothing like that. I highly recommend it.

I would love to hear what your little one’s are listening to!!

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Great post, cute rock n rollers 🙂
Thanks for the music tips.

Comment by Mommy Nuggets

Hi Dania,

Thanks for visiting the blog. Please keep checking back for more music roundups. The girls, especially Gemma, are music fans so I’ll keep you all posted on their favorite albums and artists.

Take care,

Comment by monkeyandthebug

WOW! The selection on that site is amazing! Great find! I am headed over to do some shopping now too, your site carries bobo choses! They make the coziest stuff ever!

Michael + Craig

Comment by TheHipsterDad

Hello Michael and Craig,

Thanks so much for visiting the blog. We are so happy that you like the selections we provide. We welcome any and all feedback on up and coming vendors, so please keep in touch.

Take care,

Comment by monkeyandthebug


The girls are getting so big! JUST found your blog and am absolutely loving it — I’m not ready for kids yet but that doesn’t mean I don’t love reading and loving vicariously through you. Do you read Milk?? One of my favorite publications even if it is directed to the stylish parent.

Also, we had dance night every Friday in my family and were forced to listen to different classical music every night at dinner — music was SO important.

Hope to see you & the family soon!


Comment by Alex


It’s so wonderful to hear from you. Thanks for reading the blog. If you happen upon any fantastic “kid stuff” in Europe, please send the information my way. I hope you are well an am looking forward to your next trip to Boston.


Comment by monkeyandthebug

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