Mother’s Day Guest Post: Adriana of Just BY Living
May 5, 2011, 3:19 pm
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Over the next few days we will be sharing with you some posts from guest bloggers. We chose women we admire and respect to share with you their thoughts on motherhood. Each has compiled a little list of advice for their child (or children). We hope you enjoy it and would love to know….what do you hope to pass on to your kids?

Our first is from Adriana of Just By Living

I love being a mother. It has defined me. I don’t believe that something “changed” in me when I had my son. More so, I feel like something was awoken. I was always his mother deep down and it was just waiting to come to surface. Being a mom, HIS mom, did not alter me but bring out the best possible version of myself. I never knew I could be so good, so healing, caring, devoted, or loving. My love knows no limits or boundaries. It evolves and moves forward with him as he evolves and grows.

You know that expression I loved you before I knew you? Well, I loved him before he existed at all. I loved him when he was a dream, a wish, a whisper. Now, he is my reality. That is what I am celebrating on Mother’s Day. A happier life, a lighter life, a life with a little boy who was made from my body, who holds my hand through the day, and wraps his little fingers into my hair during the night.

Here is my advice for my little man…

Never be afraid of failure, some of life’s best lessons are learned from it.

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Never look back but always remember where you came from.

Put the toilet seat down. Keep books by your bed. Don’t bother with cologne. (Any girl who really loves you will like the way you smell without it)

Travel. and when you do, make like the locals.

Be a gentlemen. There is nothing appealing about a man who doesn’t respect women.

Fall in love. Get married. Have babies. Then, be an active parent. A family is something you will NEVER regret.

To be honest, I don’t know much kiddo, but I do know that being true to yourself, honesty, and self-respect will get you far. Be present in the moment. Life is not found on facebook or in email but right in front of you. Pay attention. The best moments in life slip away quickly. Enjoy them. The smallest things are what make a person truly happy. The smell of the ocean, a gentle summer breeze, the moment before it rains, the curve of a lovers neck, rich hot cocoa, dancing in a crowd full of people you don’t know but feel connected to, road trips, singing at the top of your lungs, BBQs, skinny dipping…these are the things that make you feel alive. No job, or amount of money, or fancy house.

Most importantly, don’t forget to call your mother.


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Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Comment by Valeria

So very true dear, so glad you got it!! May you have a GREAT Mothers day & enjoy every moment of it with Hendrix…hugs & kisses to you both..keep writting dear you are GREAT at it !!!! God bless

Comment by Auntie Joy

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