Mother’s Day Post: Valeria from A Little Pea Came Along
May 7, 2011, 12:07 pm
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Our next Mama blogger from our Mother’s Day Series is Valeria from A Little Pea Came Along. Read on to hear her very sweet advice for her two little girls.

Mother’s Day as a day to give my mom a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a card to remind her how remarkable she is makes perfect sense. Now that I am included in this holiday it is almost silly. Shouldn’t I celebrate my daughters for all they have given to me? I get to receive a gift and a sweet note from the very person who has given me the greatest gift of all? It almost seems like I am cheating.

With motherhood I unwrapped a whole new facet of my heart and soul, each layer is bright and new and I discover this daily. Every day that I get to spend with Olivia Simone contains an adventure, a challenge, some questions, and a whole lot of loving. With her, happiness is simple and endlessly sweet, being her mama is sugar and I’m eating it up. “Every breath that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me”.

In pregnancy I wondered how I could possibly become perfect for her. The perfect woman that she could look up to and learn from, I had to be flawless because that is what she deserves. I had to have all the answers in life, all the lessons learned. Frantic, I realized the impossibility of this task and my limitations in achieving it. Little did I know that the best lessons I could pass on were the very ones my own mother repeated to me year after year, as I was drowning in the throes of teen angst and being painfully clueless. Luckily, the words seeped into my skin and I actually began to live them.

I want my daughters to never forget:

You have to be more than just a pretty face. Your mind, your courage, and your kindness to others will make you unforgettable. Appreciate your beauty but do not be foolish enough to think that this is something that is only visible on the surface. Who you are will make people fall in love with you. The way you speak, the things you say, what you believe in. That will make you eternal, that will define you. Fill your brain with knowledge.

Your body is your temple. Respect your body, it’s what will carry you through life. It is where you will keep your experiences and the wisdom you will collect. Your legs will help you travel the world, your being will bear your children. Feed it right, exercise, embrace your flaws. Do not flaunt it in a way that only degrades you. Share your self only with someone who is as special as you are. You are so beautiful.

Do not poison your tongue with evil words. Those who gossip with you will gossip about you. Stay away from toxic people and bad situations. If you know yourself and what you stand for, it will be far easier to stay away from the pressures of people who have strayed. You can learn a lot from these experiences, but also be wise. Be good to people.

Protect your sister. Protect. Your. Sister. No one in this entire world is more yours than her, and remember that you belong to each other. Even if at times you do not like her, you must always love her unconditionally. The truth is that you were each created from the same cluster of atoms perfectly rearranged, you are one split into two. You grew in my belly and were born out of the same love. When we are gone, you will find your roots in each other. Hold on to her with both hands.

There is so much to life. Yearn for it, question it, find it. Seek your purpose, get to the core. Discover what makes our world extraordinary, care for the Earth, and listen to music daily. Find out why you are here and live it. Don’t waste the day. And when in doubt, dress up.

Song lyric quoted: The White Stripes “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”

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