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May 19, 2011, 1:21 am
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My Little Rock N Roller, Gemma

I think every person has a different type of relationship to music. For some, it’s the air they breathe, for others it is just a way to pass time. Whatever their relationship to music may be, I hope that my children will appreciate and understand how we as a family have connected with certain artists or albums. I can only speak for myself here but I believe I am not the only one who has distinct memoirs of my parents playing music in our home and I am interested to see what musical memories my girls will carry with them. I really try my hardest to be sure my daughters are brought up around a diversified selection of music. I know someday they will make their own listening choices and I probably won’t agree with all of them but my hope is that I have provided them with a musical foundation that helps them to appreciate a wide variety of genres.

Lately we have been listening to Boston-based radio station, WERS a lot. WERS 88.9 is described on their website as “music for the independent mind”. It’s on pretty much everywhere we go, the car, home, our shop. Depending on the time of day you can hear anything from jazz to reggae to electronic music. It’s got great diversity and I highly recommend you checking it out. If you are outside the Boston area, no need to fret because you can live stream from their website.

Riley, My Music Aficionado

My girl’s (and myself, of course) love She & Him. They have a new album out entitled “Volume 2” and it’s fantastic. Zooey’s voice is cheerful and sweet. The album has a definite retro sound and every song catchy. It’s hard not to tap your toes and hum along.

Another favorite is Woody Guthrie. Guthrie is an infamous American folk singer and songwriter. I love “Goodnight Darling/Goodnight Arlo” a song for his son about getting ready for bedtime. The Smithsonian Folkways has produced multiple albums by Guthrie and all of them are a pleasure.

I would love to hear your recommendations for music for my little ones. What do you play for your kids and what do you remember your parents playing for you?

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I love They Might Be Giants, and they have a kids’ album called here Comes Science–so fun! Love an album I bought for my nephew a few years ago and now I have taken it back for my baby to listen to–called Baby Loves Hip Hop, a bunch of hip hop artists featured. We play almost anything for our little babe–he seems to like it all 🙂 bedtime tunes are usually some Snow Patrol, Cold Play, and David Gray…

Comment by Becca

Hi Becca,

Thanks for reading the blog and for the musical suggestions. I think you would like the WERS podcasts, given your range of musical interests. On Saturday mornings, we listen for our Broadway showtunes fix. And on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, they broadcast a show called The Playground, which offers a variety of family friendly music. They Might Be Giants is a staple on that show. Please keep me posted on new music that makes the rotation in your home.


Comment by monkeyandthebug

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