Father’s Day post: Micheline and Family from Flyrish Foibles
June 15, 2011, 2:59 pm
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This week we will be bringing you Father’s Day posts from a few of our favorite bloggers. Some are veteran Daddy Bloggers and others a bit new to the blogging world. We asked them to share their advice for their children and the Mama’s were kind enough to tell us why they are thankful for the man in their baby’s life. We hope you enjoy!

Hi there! I’m Micheline from Flyrish Foibles and I’d like to introduce you all to my amazing husband T. From early on in our courtship, I could tell that he would make an excellent father. He worked at a day camp during the summer breaks between college and the kids obviously adored him. He was goofy, sweet, and easygoing. He always offered a shoulder to cry on and a feeling of safety. Probably some of the very same reasons I fell for him. And (of course) I was right. T has been such an affectionate, loving dad to Q and they have an incredible bond. My heart jumps around in my chest when I watch these two together. When Q gets hurt and cries for his “Dad-Tob”, I swear I don’t even feel a twinge of jealousy. I just love that he seeks comfort in his daddy’s arms. And I can’t wait to see how T fares with our baby girl due this fall. He says he never imagined himself having a daughter, but I think they will have a special connection. I can so picture him doting on our daughter and creating a daddy’s girl. Happy Father’s Day to my partner in parenting and partner in life! Thank you for being such a hard-working dad. We all lub you to pieces. So, without further ado, here is T, sharing his fatherly words of wisdom.

When we started thinking about having a family, we were not sure we were ready financially or mentally. Ultimately, we thought there was never going to be a time when we were in the perfect position, so we just went for it, and boy am I glad we did. Nothing in my life has been so challenging or fulfilling. Being a Dad has made me a mature and responsible person, much more so than being an employee or husband. Our adventure in parenting has been quite fruitful and fortunate. We have a little boy who is classic, full of excitement, love and joy. Now we have another on the way, this time it’s a girl. I look forward to sharing all that I have and know with them. They will undoubtedly be our biggest achievements. I’ve thought a lot about what I’d like to impart in them and more than anything I want them to be happy. To that end, I have written the following tips…

Seven tips for the path of least resistance through life:

1. Make the best of any situation, especially bad ones. Perception is 90% of any reality, so be quick to point out the positive aspects instead of getting hung up on the negatives.
2. Don’t be afraid to participate and try new things. All that you touch and see becomes you, so live it up while you are in this world.
3. Never miss the first day of class. Show up early and strive for perfect attendance. Attendance is much more important than homework. Listening to teachers is more effective than reading the books.
4. Always put out your best effort to make something you are proud to call yours. Quality is better than quantity. You will not regret putting in the time.
5. Give yourself time to rest and sleep well. You can get very far with a smile and quick wit, but you’ll need the sleep to get your head in the right place first.
6. Treat people with kindness and respect. Even if they don’t return the love, it will still come back to you. If someone does you wrong, forgive, forget and move on.
7. Don’t hesitate to share praise and show gratitude, there are only so many opportunities you will get. Remember those who helped you when you achieve great things. It is what they saw in you that allowed you to attain your dreams.

With Father’s day approaching, take the time to appreciate having a Dad. Give the old man a big hug and let him know his hard work is appreciated.

Be sure to Check out Micheline and her beautiful family of 3 (soon to be 4) HERE.

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Godbot, very inspirational post. So glad you’re the father of my nephie and niecey.

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