father’s day post: adeline’s daddy and local honey
June 16, 2011, 1:10 pm
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All photos credited to Adeline’s Daddy

Our second guest posters are the Naylor Family. Both mama Rachel and Papa Don are bloggers and write beautifully about their daughter, Adeline. I’m so excited to have them both here for our Father’s Day guest series. We hope you enjoy (and good luck not tearing up on this one!).

From Mama Rachel…

I’m feeling warm. The sun is shining where we are today. There is a breeze in the trees and we squint to see the sun drops passing through moving branches. I smile so much my cheeks ache and my eyes water. I think about the coming summer and all of the days we will have like this. A little family. My body responds with butterflies. I think of picking apples in the fall and the rustle of leaves, first snowfalls and cuddling under blankets. All of these firsts for our baby girl. I breathe out so calmly. My husband, her Daddy. He makes us feel so secure, so loved, so ready for adventure. How did I win this life?

I thank my lucky stars EVERY DAY for Adeline’s Daddy. For the man he has become. For the laughter that ensues when he dances toward Addy doing his “Dada Wants Kisses” Dance. For the way our little one reaches for him when she is upset. For the way her head rests on her Daddy’s chest. For the journey that we two have made together…and the excitement that lays ahead for three. For three is surely better than two when there is such love at the core.

Thanks Donny, Donner, DJ, Duder, Naylor, DN, Love of my life, Dada. For everything you give us. Happy First Father’s Day. xo

From Papa Don…

This is my first Father’s Day, and as much as this is a day to celebrate how awesome I am, part of being a Dad is always thinking of your child. So, I have prepared a little list of advice for Adeline for the future (and for me to refer to on my journey)

• Your Mom & Dad are here for you – you may be a little young for this one, but in the future, please remember that your Mom & I are always here if you have any problems or need to talk. Don’t ever feel like you have nowhere to turn, share anything with us… we can help.

• Don’t limit yourself – You are so young, you can accomplish anything you put enough effort and love into.

• Always make the choice that feels right to you – Please always do the thing that feels right to you, don’t think of outside forces. I don’t want to bail you out of jail because Johnny up the street thought it would be cute if you mooned that police officer… you know better young lady.<

• Life goes by fast – don’t waste time.

• Last but not least – Always listen to your Dad.

• I won’t go overboard, I’ll keep adding to the list each year… someday you will be able to read them, I Love You.

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