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September 30, 2011, 12:58 pm
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This has been a really amazing week. Yesterday I celebrated my birthday and earlier in the week our new and improved site went up. Excited does not even begin to describe how I feel about the launch of our new eCommerce site. A lot of work has been put into the new changes and I am beyond pleased with how it all turned out. When I started Monkey & The Bug I wasn’t sure how the public would respond. The children’s market can be tough, not everyone is looking for our anti cutsey aesthetic and with this in mind I was somewhat hesitant to dive into the biz. However, the response has been amazing! I have met so many like minded Moms and Dads who were looking for something like M&TB. I am confident in the direction we are headed and very proud of all that we have accomplished.

Just a short while ago the internet was a foreign thing to me but it has been a very warm and welcoming place for M&TB. I never realized how you could really KNOW people yet have never met them. With that said, I want to thank everyone for their lovely birthday wishes. You guys are the best!

Also, I want to say THANKS to everyone that helped make the site happen, especially our web girl Jessica Sutton. Without the love and support of all those involved it never would have happened. I couldn’t have done it alone and my gratitude is never ending.

Below are a couple more behind the scenes pics from our lookbook. We kept the shoot really simple. Sonya Shermer was our photographer and we had styling help from Liana of New Brahmin. Basically, we just let the kids loose! They ran around in a local park which we chose because it’s a serene setting in the middle of the city. I love the juxtaposition of that and it is a really great metaphor for our shop.

Be on the lookout for a few giveaways and discount codes coming up over the next week or so! I have some really fun stuff in store ; )

Riley, Gemma, and Hendrix.


Riley. Tutu skirt and camo combo!

A very happy little Hendrix.

Sierra is always on the go!

Our amazing photographer, Sonya Shermer!

The adorable Huck…more about him HERE.

Christian looking so handsome!

Behind The Scenes

I wanted to share a few behind the scenes pictures from our look book shoot. I can’t wait to debut the beautiful photos taken by Sonya Shermer. I was really nervous about shooting with so many toddlers but it actually worked out just fine. We did two looks for each kids and the first went swimmingly. The second was okay, we provided lots of toys and did our best to wrangle them. By the end all the kids were starting to get antsy so the timing was perfect. We had to do a few last minute outfit changes since some were a bit more opinionated about their ensembles then others. But all in al it was a great day and I am so happy with the results! A big thanks to everyone involved! I couldn’t have done it without you!

The amazing Liana helping out little Sierra with her tutu.

Liana is the founder of the Boston based fashion blog, New Brahmin. She helped to style the shoot and deal with all the logistics. She is a fantastic stylist and we couldn’t have made this shoot happen without her help!

Sierra is the daughter of Lauren from Before I was a Mom and Craig,one half of the blog The Hipster Dad.

One of our models, 9 year old Christian.

Adriana of Just By Living and Christian (her step son).

Hendrix, son of Adriana and Michael, the other half of The Hipster Dad.

Wrangling the kids!


Sonya at work and Riley posing for the camera. She was such a little ham!

A bit distracted by all the doggies at the park.

The brothers wearing matching Esp NO 1 scarves, some Nico Nico, and Atusyo et Akiko.

Funny face!

Lookin sharp in Coral and Tusk.

Little feet on the go!

Lots of news!
August 25, 2011, 12:30 pm
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We have so many exciting things happening in the shop! This week the boxes have started to arrive with our fall merchandise. We have lots of goodies from Nico.Nico., ESP N.1, and Atusyo et Akiko x Disney. As soon as they are up online I will let you all know. Coming in September we will be launching a new ecommerce site separate from Stel’s (our mens and womens shop) and debuting our lookbook! I’ll be taking another buying trip to NYC with Adriana of Just By Living and I have lots of fun stuff planned for this blog as well.

Also, have you checked out La Petite Mag’s newest issue? We are so lucky to have been apart of it. You can check out some shots of it below but for the full editorial you will have to head HERE.

Skirt by Wovenplay. You can buy it HERE.

LEFT: Wovenplay sweater, buy it HERE. RIGHT: Pop up shop dress, buy it HERE.

new fall merch in the store!!

LEFT: Nico.Nico MIDDLE: Atsuyo et Akiko x Disney RIGHT: ESP No.1

My girls at the lookbook shoot. Riley on the left and Gemma on the right.

More behind the scenes lookbook pics. It was shot by the amazingly talented Sonya Shermer. Peep her site HERE.