playtime new york: Nico.Nico.
August 8, 2011, 4:43 pm
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I can’t really write enough good things about Nico.Nico. The creator, Sue Tsai is not only incredibly chic and successful but as humble as they get and just sweet as pie. Getting to chit chat with her at playtime was a real treat. Sue has made a collection that is simple yet effervescent. Every piece is as soft as can be, easily wearable, but still playful. Nico.Nico is environmentally conscious and made domestically, here in the U.S. So, it’s a guilt free kind of purchase. My favorite kind ; ) For more from Nico.Nico check our shop HERE and their site HERE

Branding perfection

laid back and oh so cool

chambray tank

love the stripes!

playtime new york: coral and tusk
August 5, 2011, 3:49 pm
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I am totally in love with Coral and Tusk. Ive talked about them quite a bit on here before and included them in my last playtime round up (read that article HERE). I was totally overwhelmed by how gorgeous their booth was. It was hard to pick what to drool over  look at first. Below is just a tiny piece of their home at playtime. Don’t you want everything??? A lot of love goes into this company and it shows. The detailing is exquisite and it is pretty much impossible for me to show you just with pictures how stunning this collection is.

every piece was perfect


some little friends..

my two favorite pillows.

playtime new york: atusyo et akiko

I’ve written numerous times about my love for atsuyo et akiko. For more on them read HERE and HERE. Below are some shots of their awesome booth at playtime.

LEFT: atsuyo et akiko collab with jess brown. my fav is the middle one…whats yours?

RIGHT: All kinds of goodies from atsuyo and et akikos’ booth.

the sweetest necklaces

up close

Disney collabs!!!  I’M IN LOVE.

LEFT: Winnie the Pooh RIGHT: Mickey Mouse

playtime new york: esp no. 1
August 3, 2011, 6:30 pm
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I’ve discussed before how much I LOVE this brand. ESP no.1 is incredible. Super high quality which means extra durable AND every single piece is UNISEX. So it can just keep getting passed down. The cuts are classic and the color palette is simple but has a great deal of impact. No outrageous designs, just good, clean, quality clothing. That’s what Monkey & The Bug is all about. I loved visit the ESP no 1 booth at playtime. They incorporated some lovely shades of yellow and green and the brightly colored denim is beautiful.

stripped pocket tees

gauzy fleece sweatshirts…sooo comfy

the best denim (not sure I would style them together but as separates they are great)


playtime new york: wovenplay
August 2, 2011, 12:50 pm
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I always look forward to seeing what Wovenplay has in store for the following seasons. Their whimsical and charming collections just keep getting better and better. I already have a bunch of Wovenplay in my shop and my amazing customers really seem to respond to the brand. WP does a really great job at capturing the innocence of childhood and promoting a playful spirit. They’ve perfected the art of subtle dress up clothing.

I love the color palette.  Deep purples, cream, and navy blue.

This romper is super adorable for summer but how fun would it

be to layer it with a cardigan and these horse print leggings for the fall?

Shark shorts!

Stripes were everywhere! I am loving the trend. The boys shorts are swim trunks!

Last but certainly not least is this little stripped playsuit and horse necklace.

I love the navy and purple together…great color choices, no?

What do you guys think of the horse motif? I am really diggin it.

playtime newyork and sunbird
August 1, 2011, 2:24 pm
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If you follow me on twitter or instagram than you already know that I spent Saturday in NYC for the Playtime trade show. Playtime is the premier trade show for kids clothing and it is held in Paris, Tokyo, and New York. I spent about 8 hours on a bus to get there and back but was only actually there for about 6 hours, however, it was well worth it! I love catching up with everyone and seeing what’s to come for all my favorite brands.

Playtime is visually stunning. The time and effort they put into their decor is impressive. I am always blown away by how a lot of the brands decorate their booths and it’s so interesting to see how they translate the aesthetic of the clothing into an actual space.

Below are a couple of the installations.

Sunbird was at the top of my list of brands to check out. I saw the video below (go HERE for more adorable videos from their line) and I was instantly hooked. The fringe is such a simple concept but makes each piece so special. The entire collection is really wearable and super cozy, two requirements of anything I carry in the store. Having two girls myself I know the importance of wear-ability.

Sunbird is an Icelandic brand that takes simple cotton fabrics and familiar silhouettes and adds hip, exiting details to make them feel brand new again. I wish you could reach through the computer screen to feel how soft this line is!!

Im always a big fan of jumpsuits and rompers because they are quick and easy to throw on. No muss ,no fuss!

Tie dye done right!

Which piece is your favorite?

I have many more posts coming featuring my favorites from Playtime. Also, some really fun guest posts about traveling with babes!

Stay tuned and have a great Monday!

Playtime New York

Here’s a quick look at what I saw today at Playtime New York!

esp no. 1

bobo choses. wovenplay. sunbird.

coral and tusk’s halloween

atsuyo et akiko x disney. new friends from coral and tusk.

Hope you enjoyed! I can’t wait to share more with you.