playtime new york: Nico.Nico.
August 8, 2011, 4:43 pm
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I can’t really write enough good things about Nico.Nico. The creator, Sue Tsai is not only incredibly chic and successful but as humble as they get and just sweet as pie. Getting to chit chat with her at playtime was a real treat. Sue has made a collection that is simple yet effervescent. Every piece is as soft as can be, easily wearable, but still playful. Nico.Nico is environmentally conscious and made domestically, here in the U.S. So, it’s a guilt free kind of purchase. My favorite kind ; ) For more from Nico.Nico check our shop HERE and their site HERE

Branding perfection

laid back and oh so cool

chambray tank

love the stripes!

playtime new york: coral and tusk
August 5, 2011, 3:49 pm
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I am totally in love with Coral and Tusk. Ive talked about them quite a bit on here before and included them in my last playtime round up (read that article HERE). I was totally overwhelmed by how gorgeous their booth was. It was hard to pick what to drool over  look at first. Below is just a tiny piece of their home at playtime. Don’t you want everything??? A lot of love goes into this company and it shows. The detailing is exquisite and it is pretty much impossible for me to show you just with pictures how stunning this collection is.

every piece was perfect


some little friends..

my two favorite pillows.

playtime new york: atusyo et akiko

I’ve written numerous times about my love for atsuyo et akiko. For more on them read HERE and HERE. Below are some shots of their awesome booth at playtime.

LEFT: atsuyo et akiko collab with jess brown. my fav is the middle one…whats yours?

RIGHT: All kinds of goodies from atsuyo and et akikos’ booth.

the sweetest necklaces

up close

Disney collabs!!!  I’M IN LOVE.

LEFT: Winnie the Pooh RIGHT: Mickey Mouse

playtime new york: esp no. 1
August 3, 2011, 6:30 pm
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I’ve discussed before how much I LOVE this brand. ESP no.1 is incredible. Super high quality which means extra durable AND every single piece is UNISEX. So it can just keep getting passed down. The cuts are classic and the color palette is simple but has a great deal of impact. No outrageous designs, just good, clean, quality clothing. That’s what Monkey & The Bug is all about. I loved visit the ESP no 1 booth at playtime. They incorporated some lovely shades of yellow and green and the brightly colored denim is beautiful.

stripped pocket tees

gauzy fleece sweatshirts…sooo comfy

the best denim (not sure I would style them together but as separates they are great)


Esp No. 1
July 20, 2011, 2:10 pm
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I am so excited for the next few months. We have BIG things happening here at Monkey & The Bug. Currently I am on a menswear buy in NYC for Stel’s but when I get back its time to start making decisions about what we will be featuring in Monkey & The Bug for Fall/Winter.
While at Playtime NYC, I was able to take a look at Esp No.1. I was instantly attracted to their stuff because its high quality and made with care. Each piece was buttery soft and the entire line is unisex! This means no matter what sex your children are you can still hand these pieces down making them an investment. Brilliant, no? Esp No.1 was started by a wife/hubby duo looking to create a line with the same sensibility they apply to their own style but shrunken down for the little set. I find the best kids lines tend to start with a very stylish designer who has started making babies and wants cool clothing for their littles. They always grow into companies with beautiful story lines and even better aesthetics.

This is a look at their Spring 2012 collection. I am dying over the denim jumpsuit, slouchy cardigans, and that shade of sea foam green is perfection! What are your favorite pieces?


For more on Esp. No.1 go HERE.

playtime roundup: Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses is one of our absolute favorites in the shop. It seems to be really popular with our customers, too. It’s hard to resist. Bobo Choses is everything you want out of a kid’s line. The fabrics are soft and light, the designs are playful, and the prints are the absolute definition of whimsical.  We had the opportunity to check out Bobo Choses at Playtime NYC. We snapped a few pics of the brands booth which was brimming with fun housewares, racks of sweet clothing, and even some fanciful toys.

We have had a huge response to Bobo Choses in our shop. James of Bleubird Vintage received a few beautiful pieces from us (you can check out her little girls in them HERE), Adriana from Just By Living was in the shop picking up a couple thing, and of course my girls wear BC all the time (check my ladies in some Bobo Choses on my instagram, follow me @monkeyandthebug)

Bobo Choses has been expanding their line to include some really unique and fun gift ideas. I LOVE this book titled “Bonjour Camille” the line created. The illustrations are completely beautiful and the story is just the sweetest! Some line and pictures from the book…

On Sunday mornings, as soon as the sun comes out,
Camille opens her eyes and puts on her battledress:
a tutu and a top hat. She has so many things to do!

The book the continues to list all the fun things little Camille has to do…

The cutest, right!? Bonjour Camille makes a great gift and it’s only 25 bucks! It’s available in our shop, you can find it HERE.

playtime roundup: Supereditions
May 16, 2011, 1:49 pm
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Supereditions are books to illustrate. They are lovely little stories with one things missing…pictures! Your kiddo can fill in the pages using their imagination to bring the story to life.

This picture was snapped at Playtime NYC

We discovered Supereditions at Playtime NYC and were in love with the simplicity and versatility of these coloring books. They fuel the creative mind and encourage children to focus their inspirations and fabricate them into actual images. Highly entertaining, the stories are silly and will certainly delight both children and adults.

Playtime NYC

These are great for traveling and will keep your older set entertained on the plane or a long car ride. We love them for gifts and they are a fun project for home schoolers. They are only 13 dollars each and all four of the Supereditions are available in our shop HERE or check out their website HERE.

playtime roundup; Atsuyo et Akiko
April 14, 2011, 2:24 pm
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We have been big Atsuyo et Akiko fans here at Monkey & the Bug since our shop first opened. While at Playtime NYC we were really excited to catch up with designers Atsuyo Yang and Akiko Mukae, and get a glimpse at what is to come for the super sweet brand.

Check out this limited edition tutu from Atsuyo et Akiko.Positively stunning!

Atsuyo et Akiko create whimsical, beautiful things for both the home and body. No doubt, one of their standout products are the delicate, playful jewelry in teeny tiny sizes just right for your little one. I love their tee shirts which are light, airy and as soft as a cloud. They also make whimsical tutus for the budding ballerina, great for dressing up or for when having professional pictures taken. Monkey & The Bug currently carries a pink tutu in our shop that is to die for!

In the past Atsuyo et Akiko have collaborated with Jess Brown to make some exceptionally adorable dolls.  The wildly popular collabo is back for another run. As always, the duo designed some fantastic pillows.  It was hard to pick a favorite!

How sweet is this little pile of pillows?



We were blown away by all the darling little pieces Atsuyo et Akiko have created. They never seem to falter. Everything is just perfect!

Playtime NYC Roundup; Coral and Tusk.
April 4, 2011, 1:12 pm
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Playtime NYC is the premier trade show for all things kids. I attended in March and was blown away by some of the amazing new lines being offered and I can’t wait to include them in our shop. Over the next couple weeks I will be posting my favorites.

Let’s start things off with the amazing company, Coral and Tusk.

Coral and Tusk’s booth at Playtime NYC.


Lovely little patches.


Coral and Tusk take plain clothing and home goods and create embroidered masterpieces. The detailing is exquisite and their choice of characters are just darling. Their fun little friends can be found on baby booties, onesies, pillows, stationary, and even a fantastic mobile. Perhaps the most enchanting pieces from their collection are the “pocket pillows” which are their signature embroidered pillows with tiny pockets holding a lovable stuffed toy. Coral and Tusk have created a product that is as luxurious as it is fantastical. Each piece feels special and they make perfect gifts.

Fox and Teepee pillows.

Feather pillow.


You can check out more from Coral and Tusk on their website HERE and you can purchase pieces from them for your little Monkey or Bug in our shop HERE.