Working Mama

Chapman and I going over line sheets.

I have been wanting to write a bit about being a working mom on here for a while now. However, between balancing the two stores and the two kids, I haven’t really had the time. (Shocking, I know) I’m going to get into it more in another post but for now, here is a little look at one of my trips to NYC for womens market week. One of my many responsibilities within my shops is to do a lot of the buying which involves visiting showrooms and pouring over lookbooks and pictures. I really do love my job and being a working mom is something I am really proud of but it certainly isn’t easy. Then again, nothing worth having is.

These pictures were taken by my friend, Adriana of Just By Living, who came along for the trip back in September. If you want to see more, I have been blogging over HERE for the last few months about each individual showroom we went to.

My camera capturing racks and racks of clothing.

Looking over the Kaelen line at the beautiful Parlor Showroom.

More of the Parlor Showroom.

Pretty colors from the Kaelen line.

Again, more from Parlor.

The Opening Ceremony showroom, this is the Suno area with Pamela Love in the back.

Checking out Suno’s S/S 12 collection.

Up close look at Suno’s amazing patterns.

Pretty ruffles at Electric Feathers.

Glamorous neon.

Piles of ballet shoes on display at VPL.

That ‘s me, snapping photos.

Back from NYC…
September 23, 2011, 4:13 pm
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Working hard at the Fashionhaus Showroom

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week but work has been really crazy. I just got back from a buying trip in New York for my women’s wear shop, Stel’s. For those of you who don’t know, I co-own a womens and mens store on Newbury Street in Boston. Stel’s has a blog and an online shop, as well. Being the womens clothing buyer means that I have to do a lot of traveling. It’s hard being away from my girls and I try to plan my trips so that they are as efficient and quick as possible. After years of doing them I have gotten pretty good at being organized and maximizing my time. Of course, this never makes it easy to leave my little ladies.

Whenever I get back I try to make sure I have set aside some extra time to spend with them. Every so often, Gemma in particular, will be a bit standoffish toards me at first. She usually warms up within an hour or so. Most times it is as if I never even left. I feel confident knowing they are in good hands with their father while I am gone and most times, don’t miss me to the extent of it upsetting them.

Do any of you travel for work? How do you handle it? How do your kids? How do you connect with them when your away?

Going over the Le Mont Saint Michel line at Fashionhaus with Chapman.

PHOTO CRED: Just By Living