Welcome to the blog behind the store. My name is Tina Burgos and here you will get a sneak peek into my life as the mother of twin girls, Gemma and Riley, co-owner of Boston based retail shop Stel’s, and co-owner of children’s boutique Monkey & The Bug. While on ten weeks of hospitalized bed rest I scoured the Internet for clothing, accessories and decor that had the same sensibilities of my own personal aesthetic. I wanted cool and clean, but with a touch of whimsy. Finding a large void I, alongside my mother Lou, launched Monkey & The Bug. Our goal was to create a place filled with little ones’ attire of the highest quality and with attention to detail, where playful meets sophisticated. I also aim to find home goods for the younger set that will easily transition into the rest of a home with pieces that are special and unique. I want to encourage parents to approach their children’s wardrobe and interior decor the same as they would their own, with the belief that as a parent the design choices we make should be an extension of our lifestyles.

This blog has been created to share my inspirations, sartorial findings, and adventures as a working mom. I am excited to grow a community where like-minded parents and design enthusiasts can come together. I hope this is a place where creativity and ideas can be shared, where parenting and design bleed together, and a career isn’t something to feel guilty about but to be celebrated. This is my life, my family, and my story. Welcome and enjoy.