Playtime New York

Here’s a quick look at what I saw today at Playtime New York!

esp no. 1

bobo choses. wovenplay. sunbird.

coral and tusk’s halloween

atsuyo et akiko x disney. new friends from coral and tusk.

Hope you enjoyed! I can’t wait to share more with you.

new lookbook from little warrior
July 28, 2011, 4:35 pm
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Check out this beautiful fall lookbook from Little Warrior. We have a couple pieces in our shop (check them out HERE) from this sweet line. Each piece is unisex which I LOVE because that means regardless of the sex of future siblings every piece can be passed down. This makes buying from Little Warriors an investment versus a frivolous fashion purchase. Think of all the wear you could get out of them!

This look book has a Moroccan inspired feel to it and I think it showcases the collection beautifully! These little ones look so cozy and comfy and cuddle worthy…don’t you just wanna scoop ’em up and give them a snuggle? Bravo to all the creative masterminds involved!


Check out the rest of the lookbook HERE

Guest Post: Jillian Pye of Three for the Road
July 26, 2011, 2:43 pm
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The beautiful Pye Family. Photo credit to Adam & Eve Photography

With summer upon us I know a lot of you (myself included) have been doing some traveling. Traveling with a baby and/or toddler (or in my case toddlers) can be a nerve wracking experience.  I’ve asked some of my fav mamas to share their thoughts and advice on traveling with their little ones. All of these lovely ladies make traveling with a tot look like a breeze!

Our first contributor is Jillian Pye from Three for the Road. I love Jillian’s blog, it’s a great example of how NOT to lose yourself once you have a child. The Pye family have set out to live this life to the fullest and follow their dreams with babe in tow. They are breaking the mold for how to raise a family, proving that dedicating yourself to your passions can provide a wealth of life experience for your children. With out further ado….here is Jillian’s thoughts on road tripping it family style.

Hi Everybody! I’m Jillian and I blog over at Three for the Road—today I’m going to talk to you about traveling with a little one. For the past few months my family has been traveling on the road full time on tour with my husband’s music. A long time ago we made the promise that no matter what happened in our lives (kids, school, job changes, etc), we would all stick together. It is really popular in the lives of musicians for significant others and children to be left behind at home–and since that isn’t really our style, we made tour a big family affair.

Along the way I have learned a few tips that I would love to share with you, I am by no means an expert but maybe you will learn something new for your next family road trip!
One of the biggest things that will make your trip easier will be factoring in comfort
–Make sure your kiddo is wearing clothes that are comfortable & fitting for the temperatures in your car (Cash is hot natured, so I dress him according to that) Always have some soft blankets on hand, extra socks and a jacket (no matter what you think the temperature is going to be at your destination.)
–Nothing is worse than sun in your eyes or getting sun burnt through a car window! There are some great window shades on the market for your car, we have one similar to this one and this one is great too. Also make sure to put sun screen on your little one, just in case–protecting their sweet little skin is so important.
You obviously never want your little one to go hungry, but you especially want them to be full of things that are good and nutritious for them,
–One of the hardest things I crossed was making sure that Cash was still eating well & balanced even though we were always on the run! I could make sure that he got his veggies in by giving him one of these, fresh fruit was always an easy thing to pick up & didn’t make a mess, & the classic pb&j was great & easy for in the car. (other favorites include:cubed cheese, chewy granola bars, & baked chips)
–Making sure your kids are eating right will also help to make sure they are pooping. Which is something you might not think of, but it is NO fun to be stuck traveling with a constipated baby!
Entertainment and learning are important in your travels as well, a little nugget whose mind is stimulated will be a happy & healthy traveler!
–We always brought plenty of books & cars for Cash to play with but some unconventional toys you might not have thought of that we always bring along are: a harmonica, a moracca & small ukulele–we would spend plenty of time singing songs and making music together as a family, it was always a big hit!
–I would take the time to talk to Cash about what we were driving by and seeing and I would ask him questions about what he thought. Although your little one might not be much of a conversationalist yet, you will be surprised at what they learn just from hearing you talk.
–Something that is not necessary but was always helpful when we had a really long drive was having a portable dvd player. We wouldn’t put it up until the day was starting to wear on and we were running out of fun activities.
Flying: I have only taken Cash on a plane one time since he was born–and it was just recently when he was 22 months old. I was expecting it to be really hard, but it actually went amazingly well! We were running late for our flight because of security and were actually the last people to board the plane. We sat in a window seat & Cash got to watch the plane take off–we talked about what was going on and about 10 minutes in I pulled his blankie out and he fell asleep right in my lap. He slept basically our whole flight and woke up 15 minutes before we landed, while he was asleep I was able to fill his cup with the apple juice that the flight attendant brought by and had some pretzels waiting for him when he awoke. He at his food and drank his juice and talked the whole time about being in an “ahhplaane.” It was an exceptionally lucky day!
Last words 😉
–Always bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate with you–it will come in handy if you have an emergency and need to fly home at some point on your trip. (We had a BIG ordeal at the airport trying to prove that Cash wasn’t 2 yet!)
–Don’t forget that kids are tough cookies and are good at adjusting and being flexible to your family’s life, let them be a baby–but don’t baby them too much! (Cash was sick at one point on the trip and we let him have his pacifier & watch Blues Clues to his heart’s content…when he got better he thought that was still the M-O. Not so!)
–Enjoy your time together as a family and don’t stress out about the trip too much. Make your plans, but know that they might not happen exactly as you planned. And don’t forget to take lots of photos!
Cash is as cute as can be!
Thanks so much Jillian! Be sure to check out the Pye family’s adventures on their blog, facebook, twitter, and etsy shop.

Color Scheme
July 22, 2011, 12:43 pm
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Loving me some deep, brilliant blues.


one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve. thirteen. fourteen. fifteen.

Little Warrior
July 21, 2011, 2:11 pm
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New in the shop this week is Little Warrior. Check it out HERE.

Poncho.   Romper.

Tank. Tee.

Esp No. 1
July 20, 2011, 2:10 pm
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I am so excited for the next few months. We have BIG things happening here at Monkey & The Bug. Currently I am on a menswear buy in NYC for Stel’s but when I get back its time to start making decisions about what we will be featuring in Monkey & The Bug for Fall/Winter.
While at Playtime NYC, I was able to take a look at Esp No.1. I was instantly attracted to their stuff because its high quality and made with care. Each piece was buttery soft and the entire line is unisex! This means no matter what sex your children are you can still hand these pieces down making them an investment. Brilliant, no? Esp No.1 was started by a wife/hubby duo looking to create a line with the same sensibility they apply to their own style but shrunken down for the little set. I find the best kids lines tend to start with a very stylish designer who has started making babies and wants cool clothing for their littles. They always grow into companies with beautiful story lines and even better aesthetics.

This is a look at their Spring 2012 collection. I am dying over the denim jumpsuit, slouchy cardigans, and that shade of sea foam green is perfection! What are your favorite pieces?


For more on Esp. No.1 go HERE.

a little monday morning inspiration…
July 18, 2011, 2:36 pm
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Check out this stunning photo shoot from Paper Mache Mag. It features a couple piece from Wovenplay including a beautiful tutu and cape. I have more coming on Wovenplay’s Fall/Winter 2011 line and I’ll share more of that soon but for now here is a little peek into the whimsical world of Wovenplay. I am in NYC for the next couple days on a buying trip for Stel’s so I am busy, busy, busy on this Monday! Have a great day everyone!

Papier Mache – XOXO from papier mache magazine on Vimeo.

My Week…
July 15, 2011, 1:32 pm
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I am in love with instagram. I think its my favorite social media outlet thus far. Although, I just signed up for Pinterest and so far its pretty addictive so that may take the lead for my fav. You can find me on pinterest HERE and if you are on instagram my username is @monkeyandthebug.

This week has been crazy! The sale has gotten a great response and next week I am off to NYC for a buying trip. After that we will be shooting our Monkey & The Bug look book and launching a brand spankin new web shop! I plan on making this happen while wrangling two year old twins. Crazy, who me? Nah, just ambitious.

I am curious….what would you all like to see from the shop come fall? Favorite brands? Styles? I’d love to hear feedback from other Mamas and Papas.

Here is my week in pictures from Instagram…

being silly after a trip to the zoo

Riley drying off

Gemma and her wild hair

my babes at the park

twin love!


me on the left, my lil ladies on the right

Think Big!

This weeks think big is all about the tiered tutu skirt. We have a gorgeous pale grey tutu made of tulle in the shop and I am obsessed with it. Tutus can be very over the top but this particular tutu, created by wovenplay, is subtle. Styling a tiered skirt can be a lot of fun. I encourage you to play around with it. It can be sugary sweet or tough chic! The possibilities are endless.


Chloe Sevigny is always super cool. Here she sports a black tutu with a geometric top. She keeps the look grounded with masculine boots and opaque black tights. We paired our look with leggings to keep the little one comfy.


baby gap tank. wovenplay tutu. chloe leggings. allsaints boots.

Reece Witherspoon does a great job of taking a tutu skirt and making it casual. This look is perfect for a trip to the park! We paired the skirt with a straw fedora, charm necklace, and simple tank.

atsuyo et akiko necklace. zara hat.  nico nico tank. wovenplay tutu.

Miley Cyrus is wearing her tutu like a modern day princess. I love the use of accessories to make this outfit pop. What little girl doesn’t love piling on necklaces? This is a great outfit for an early evening wedding or formal event.

H&M necklace. atsuyo et akiko star necklace. old navy tank. wovenplay tutu. zara flats.

That’s all for think Big today. I hope you enjoyed! I want to thank everyone who participated in our sale (more on that HERE) and let you know that the sale will be open for your shopping pleasure for a few more days. It’s 60% off online and 75% in store. If you are in the Boston area and can stop in you should know we have much more available here in Stel’s than online and I added some more lovely goodies to the floor just a couple of days ago. Yay!

Warm Wisconsin Sun
July 10, 2011, 12:30 pm
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If you follow me on Twitter (you can find me HERE) than you know a few weeks ago the fam and I headed back to my home state of Wisconsin to get in some time in with the grandparents and relax. It was great to be “home” and to just chill with my girls. I have many more posts coming up on our trip but here are a couple of pics of my ladies painting in the warm Wisconsin sun in my parents backyard.