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May 22, 2012, 2:55 pm
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One of my favorite bloggers, James of Bleubird Vintage, recently posted this picture of a Jess Brown doll from our shop. It is included in a lovely collection of pictures on her blog, go HERE to check them out.

Styel Show Off!
December 19, 2011, 4:49 pm
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One of the best parts about owning a shop is seeing all the little ones in product purchased from M&TB. Here are some photos floating around on the internet of cuties in our clothing…

Little Aiden and Ainsleigh of The Wiegands

Beautiful Rowan from TART

Birthday Girl, Milla Plum, from Bleubird Vintage

playtime roundup: Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses is one of our absolute favorites in the shop. It seems to be really popular with our customers, too. It’s hard to resist. Bobo Choses is everything you want out of a kid’s line. The fabrics are soft and light, the designs are playful, and the prints are the absolute definition of whimsical.  We had the opportunity to check out Bobo Choses at Playtime NYC. We snapped a few pics of the brands booth which was brimming with fun housewares, racks of sweet clothing, and even some fanciful toys.

We have had a huge response to Bobo Choses in our shop. James of Bleubird Vintage received a few beautiful pieces from us (you can check out her little girls in them HERE), Adriana from Just By Living was in the shop picking up a couple thing, and of course my girls wear BC all the time (check my ladies in some Bobo Choses on my instagram, follow me @monkeyandthebug)

Bobo Choses has been expanding their line to include some really unique and fun gift ideas. I LOVE this book titled “Bonjour Camille” the line created. The illustrations are completely beautiful and the story is just the sweetest! Some line and pictures from the book…

On Sunday mornings, as soon as the sun comes out,
Camille opens her eyes and puts on her battledress:
a tutu and a top hat. She has so many things to do!

The book the continues to list all the fun things little Camille has to do…

The cutest, right!? Bonjour Camille makes a great gift and it’s only 25 bucks! It’s available in our shop, you can find it HERE.

Style Show Off!
April 30, 2011, 10:29 pm
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The lovely Miss James of Bleubird Vintage posted a few pics via Twitter of her gorgeous daughters Gemma Bird and Milla Plum in some adorable little Bobo Choses pieces from our shop. They are so sweet!

Pics by James of Bleubird Vintage

You can also follow James on Twitter HERE and Monkey & The Bug HERE.

Also, if you have made a purchase from our shop, we would LOVE to see your little ones in their pieces. Send us some pictures and be featured on our blog!